About our company

We have 11 Representative Offices
in Russia and Europe




Company status is based on its products quality and reliable customer service. ECOWALD is the result-oriented and growing company, with more than 216 employees in production of sales. ECOWALD company is proud of customer service level and high quality of its products. Long-term customer relationships and strong partners play a significant role in ECOWALD strategy. Our dealer network is located in all major cities across the Russia, giving us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently serve our customers.

  • We combined quality and availability into a single whole
  • We can guarantee that your order will be completed and delivered at fixed time
  • Our products are patented and have an attractive external view
  • We know the value of our customers and partners' time
  • European production standards. Swiss quality control

Best qualities

We combined production quality, superior knowledge and adequate prices in order to provide you a service that our business rivals will not provide.


Time saving

We have great experience, skilled experts and large dealer network throughout the Russia, to be sure that any order is complete correctly and delivered on time.

For all budgets

Our employees will find a special comprehensive approach for any demanding customer in full compliance with all his wishes and preferences.

Representative Offices in Russia and Europe

Implemented projects

Qualified professionals

ECOWALD company is a manufacturer of various wood products.

Our products meet all the current European quality standards, that is reached by careful selection and sorting of the wood, as well as due to advanced processing technologies application. ECOWALD outstanding features and advantages are the localized Swiss production in Russia. Production control is carried out by Swiss experts that guarantee compliance with all European quality standards.