Solid board

Solid board is a board of solid wood. It should be noted that it does not have so much common features with parquet board, which must be bonded using three wood layers. The main feature of solid board that is currently absolutely different techniques for wood drying and board manufacture are used. Nature has endowed a solid board with huge number of positive qualities. This is an excellent heat insulator, as well as lightweight, strong and beautiful material. But all these qualities depend on wood species, of which a solid wood is made. And different types of wood are used for different purposes.

We offer a solid board made of: Birch / Larch / Oak

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Parquet plank

Parquet plank is a most often choice today. Such type of flooring will last long due to three-layer plank structure. Simple parquetry system allows easy mounting without any assistance. Diversity of materials enables not only to choose wood specie, color and structure but to offer artistic covering. Furthermore, only natural wood and auxiliary components are used for manufacture and it means that such flooring is totally safe. Parquet planks are advantageous, safe and reliable solution for your floor!

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Regularized round timber

Whatever the regularized round timber is - glued or natural - it has a set of excellent performance characteristics as a building material. Houses made of regularized round timber are built in a record-setting time for construction made of timber and its cost is capable to gladden even the best contriver. This material keeps all the positive qualities of natural wood: a house made of regularized round timber simply breathes, perfectly preserving the warm in winter and pleasant coolness in summer. Due to such natural ventilation characteristics, a timber house is maintenance-economical.Read more

Window glued laminated timber

Initially round wood is sawn into boards, then after drying to required humidity in drying chambers, the board comes to the workshop for further defects identification. Rotten and decayed knots are removed and only sound wood is used for timber production. Next the boards are chipped from four sides, notched and bonded together into one long slat, and now the slats in their turn are glued together by environmental glues after that a blank for timber is obtained. Annual rings orientation is selected in such a way as to compensate internal stress in timber and prevent structures deformation. Then, a blank is profile shaped on roll forming machine.Read more

Glued laminated timber

Laminated wooden constructions is a highly effective technology that allows to create long-span structures up to 60 m in length, 1 m in width and 2.2 m in height, reduce the costs and construction terms, and most importantly - allows to use original architectural and design solutions.

Laminated wooden constructions have greater load capacity and lower weight compared with reinforced concrete analogues - it allows using them where the reinforced concrete becomes highly unprofitable - at spans construction of more than 9 meters. In this case, savings amount to 30-40%!

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