Glued Laminated Timber Production

Laminated Wooden Constructions


Today the processed timber is not practically used in construction – it was replaced by laminated wood processed according to high-tech methods using CN machines, preserving its ecological properties.

Laminated wooden constructions is a highly effective technology that allows to create long-span structures up to 60 m in length, 1 m in width and 2.2 m in height, reduce the costs and construction terms, and most importantly – allows to use original architectural and design solutions.

Laminated wooden constructions have greater load capacity and lower weight compared with reinforced concrete analogues – it allows using them where the reinforced concrete becomes highly unprofitable – at spans construction of more than 9 meters. In this case, savings amount to 30-40%!

Laminated Timber Advantages


  • Possibility to manufacture the structures with large sizes (up to 84 meters in length);
  • Possibility to manufacture the beams including of curved shape, which allows optimally distributing the load along structure;
  • Finished product shape stability (except for strains) during manufacturing process and operation;
  • Increased strength values compared with material of solid wood (DIN 1052 index) due to slats bonding which are presorted by strength and visual quality;
  • Low dead weight of structures;
  • Boards (slats) pre-drying and wood stress relief (due to timber of individual slats cutting and assembling) eliminates finished product through-cracking and curving during operation;
  • Fire resistance rating is higher than that of metal structures (in case of fire the laminated beams contrary to steel supports longer keep their toughness);
  • Minimal shrinkage (1-2 %) when used in timber blockings;
  • Heat transfer resistance is higher than that of whole timber;
  • Glue content is negligibly small compared with OSB, LVL, WCB;
  • It does not damage environment during production and use.

It is particularly well appropriate for aggressive chemical environments (e.g.: warehouses for mineral fertilizers, agricultural enterprises, swimming pools)

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