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Parquet specifications



Width: 194мм
Thickness: 14мм
Main wood species for upper layer: Oak, Ash-tree, Beech, Hazel wood, Wenge, Mahogany
Main colors: Amboina, Lemon white, Teak, Hazel wood, Mahogany, Grey, Wenge
6 pieces per pack

Parquet plank


Ecowald Company uses different high-quality wood species for manufacture of parquet: oak, ash, walnut, teak, wenge, Amboina, apple tree and many others. Furthermore, you may choose any color and structure of the floor or event order artistic covering.
Structure of modern parquet plank has many advantages against other floorings.

Structure of parquet plank


1 (lower) layer
Usually soft wood (fir-tree or pine) is used for manufacture. Thickness is 1.5-2 mm. The layer is placed vertically to the middle layer and stabilizes the flooring.
2 (middle) layer
Hard and soft wood fits for manufacture of the 2nd layer of parquet plank. It is the layer with holders and this layer is the thickest one – from 8 to 9 mm. It is made of strips that are laid vertically to each other.
3 (upper) layer
This layer is made of valuable wood because it shall be esthetically attractive. Normally, its thickness is 4 mm but it may be varied from 0.5 to 6 mm. Furthermore, the layer undergoes different types of processing: toning, bleaching, varnishing and etc.
Each layer is reliably adhered to other one and due to vertical placement the parquet plank doesn’t lose its shape in time.

Easy mounting

All types of fastenings may be spread in two groups by junction mode. Sheet piling where some planks have tongue (pin) and others have coves (grooves) which shall be glued. Planks are tightly knocked up to each other. Locking is a more convenient method because planks can be joined without any glue.
Furthermore, parquet planks require no additional treatment and are sold completely ready for flooring.

Competitive price

Parquet block or solid wood will be more expensive. Flooring expenses are decreased due to its ease.

Environmental friendliness

Parquet plank is made of natural wood only with addition of green materials. This ensures totally safe use of parquet planks.
Except high quality and wide diversity Ecowald Company offers competitive terms of purchase: advice of professional and assistance in choice, layer services and possibility of delivery!

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