Regularized Round Timber

Regularized Round Timber Production


Whatever the regularized round timber – is – glued or natural – it has a set of excellent performance characteristics as a building material. Houses made of regularized round timber are built in a record-setting time for construction made of timber and its cost is capable to gladden even the best contriver.

And where the expensiveness can come from? After all, this high-tech material is processed in the factory using the most advanced equipment, without highly-paid manual labor use.

This material keeps all the positive qualities of natural wood: a house made of regularized round timber simply breathes, perfectly preserving the warm in winter and pleasant coolness in summer. Due to such natural ventilation characteristics, a timber house is maintenance-economical.

Regularized Round Timber Advantages


Low thermal conductivity is an undeniable advantage of wood. The lower material thermal conductivity of which the house is built, the warmer it becomes. Phytoncids, which a pine board evolves, have a beneficial effect on human body, increase vitality, make a sleep deeper and healthy, have antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, and saturate the air with summer forest scent.

It has a lower thermal conductivity than stone and concrete structures.

Relative air humidity in a wooden house made of regularized round timber varies between 45-57%. It is well known that wooden houses are characterized by humidity equalization and stabilization.

Wooden house made of regularized round timber can be quickly constructed. It can be easily demounted and moved to a new location if necessary. Also, it does not require additional expenses for its internal and external finishing. Wooden house made of regularized round timber easier heated, so maintenance costs are lower.

  • The wall looks as monolithic and does not require additional finishing;
  • Corner joints are accurate, heat and water-resistant;
  • It allows to save essentially the construction terms.

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