Solid Larch Board

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What Is a Solid Larch Board


Solid matched floor board made of Siberian larch is a very solid, water-resistant and wear-proof, making your flooring particularly serviceable. Matched floors are laid directly on beams (if their pitch is relatively small) or on joists. When laying the floors you must correctly calculate floor thickness and distance between joists dependence. Due to tonguing and grooving such floors have a high laying density and high-quality surface without height differences. At the bottom of each board there is an air slot that allows providing more close contact with joists and air circulation in a small space, in order to prevent mold formation and moisture accumulation on the floor board or floor predrying during heating period.

Solid larch board dimensions



21х1200х120 21х1300х120 21х1500х120
21х1200х150 21х1300х150 21х1500х150
21х1200х180 21х1300х180 21х1500х180
21х1200х210 21х1300х210 21х1500х210

Solid larch board dimensions


Length: 1200 mm to 1500 mm
Width: 120 mm to 210 mm
Thickness: 21 mm

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Flooring board installation


Special self-tapping screws for fastening


Special self-tapping screws advantages
  • Easy screwing in
  • Pre-spotting and countersinking is not required
  • Self-tapping screw “sets solid” at once
  • Short time screwing
Self-tapping screw specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.5*45 mm or 3.5*35 mm
  • Countersunk head with milling ribs
  • Protection – zinc, yellow passivated coating
  • Consumption rate: 15-17 pcs. per 1 sq.m.




In contrast to parquet it withstands a maximum number of scrapings and thus maintains its original beauty for a long time.

Aesthetic qualities

A solid board made of Siberian larch visually expands the space; a wood has a bright texture and is expressive and attractive.

Environmental Friendliness

A solid larch floor board made of natural wood helps to create a healthy microclimate in house, exuding a wonderful forest scent.

Easy installation

You can easily carry out an installation – a larch floor board can be laid on a concrete blinding coat or joists.