Solid Oak Board

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What Is a Solid Oak Board


Natural solid oak – a floor board of such a material will emphasize your status and unexceptionable taste, and will bring a warmth and calmness to your house. Its thickness is from 20 to 40 mm, at that a solid wood board working layer has a thickness of not less than 10 mm. Therefore, oak floor board will be an excellent coating up to 100 years, during which it can be repeatedly subjected to polishing and finishing. But you must remember that you purchase a material made of natural solid wood, which breathes, so – you need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity in the room. Also, you can always choose the required skirting. Compared with parquet flooring, a solid wood is more durable and environmentally friendly as laminate flooring – oak with a thickness of 2-4 cm with wood working layer of 1 cm will serve its owner up to a hundred years, it is tough and has a nice color palette. A floor (solid) board of ash and oak during its long-term usage can withstand repeated polishing and finishing. Flooring made of natural wood – solid fine wood – never exfoliates, because wood processing technology in ECOWALD company complies with all European quality standards.

Solid oak board dimensions



21х1200х120 21х1300х120 21х1500х120
21х1200х150 21х1300х150 21х1500х150
21х1200х180 21х1300х180 21х1500х180
21х1200х210 21х1300х210 21х1500х210

Solid oak board dimensions


Length: 1200 mm to 1500 mm
Width: 120 mm to 210 mm
Thickness: 21 mm

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Flooring board installation


Special self-tapping screws for fastening


Special self-tapping screws advantages
  • Easy screwing in
  • Pre-spotting and countersinking is not required
  • Self-tapping screw “sets solid” at once
  • Short time screwing
Self-tapping screw specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.5*45 mm or 3.5*35 mm
  • Countersunk head with milling ribs
  • Protection – zinc, yellow passivated coating
  • Consumption rate: 15-17 pcs. per 1 sq.m.




This material is designed for a long service life, which often exceeds ten years. Over the years, an oak becomes much stronger, and its natural beauty gets a shade of nobility.

Aesthetic qualities

Solid oak wood is appropriate for country house interior, shows its serviceability and luxurious texture. Solid wood flooring will give you a sense of unity with nature in your own apartment or cottage.

Environmental Friendliness

Absolutely safe natural wood floors will make happy childhood for your children and kids can crawl on such flooring without health hazard.

Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance is very simple: perfectly smooth boards can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and wiped. Natural wood “breathes” and evolves useful phytoncids into space and does not collect a static electricity.