Window glued laminated timber

Timber Characteristics



Section: 63/72 х 76 mm
63/72 х 86 mm
63/72 х 95 mm
63/72 х 125 mm
Maximum dimensions: 800 х 3000 mm
Length: 900 – 5000 mm
Gluing quality according to moisture resistance corresponds to D4 standard
Sawing of all species: Radial, tangential

Window glued laminated timber


Initially round wood is sawn into boards, then after drying to required humidity in drying chambers, the board comes to the workshop for further defects identification. Rotten and decayed knots are removed and only sound wood is used for timber production. Next the boards are chipped from four sides, notched and bonded together into one long slat, and now the slats in their turn are glued together by environmental glues after that a blank for timber is obtained. Annual rings orientation is selected in such a way as to compensate internal stress in timber and prevent structures deformation. Then, a blank is profile shaped on roll forming machine.

Window Glued Laminated Timber Advantages


  • It does not require additional finishing inside and out;
  • Glued laminated timber made of larch is highly resistant to fungi;
  • It allows to save time and money during house construction;
  • In case of high-quality assembling it exhibits good thermal insulation characteristics;
  • It does not crack and cramp because it is made of wood with a humidity of 6-8%.

Three-layer window timber strength, which is made of laminated glued board exceeds similar characteristics of the same timber made of solid wood. In addition, before gluing all wood defects are removed, so it becomes more long-life. Multilayer glued laminated timber design does not warp, bend, crack and ensures the compliance with dimensional accuracy.

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